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The International 2013

 August 19, 2013 - Dota Team

Thanks to everyone who viewed, visited, or played The International this year. With all of your help, it was a huge success. Congratulations to this year’s Champions, Alliance, and the two runner-ups Na’Vi and Orange. It was a great field of 17 teams that made every game from the first to the last exciting to watch.

Over one million people viewed streams of The International with hundreds of thousands more watching it on TV in China and Sweden. We also had over 40 countries participate in PubStomps around the world that involved tens of thousands of spectators.

For those Compendium owners that helped push the prize pool into the stratosphere – $2.8 million – rewards, we will be giving a free items to all. thank you so much for supporting us during the International championship in Dota 2 

Here are the Gifts list-

30 keys-
3 random sets- 
1 random courier-

How to claim this gifts? just click the (claim) panel above. and Login your Dota 2  account
you just need to follow the instructions. and submit it to us  we will process your submission and send a steam support code to your email 
and wait, for further instructions.
Congratulations To all the players who claim their gifts By: -Dota2Lounge-
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